Often irreverent, hopefully funny, still grieving the loss of Firefly and more than likely a little bit drunk. All phrases that have at one point in history been used to describe the brains (?) behind Sarcastic Whimsy and sister site Roots and Wings Group.Virtual Admin by day, content creator and blogger… also by day.  But different days.  Sometimes.  Capable of a professional persona at work, there is only so long a person can pretend to be a functioning adult, which is where Sarcastic Whimsy fills the void and allows the mask to slip.

As a virtual administrator I deliver professional office support with personality.  Online content creation, diary management, data entry and process documentation are just the tip of the iceberg.  Click below for all the juicy, administrative details.  (Less salacious than you may be imagining at this point)

As a blogger I can admit that I own four cats.  You can’t admit that in real life without being judged.  Almost empty nester with children who grew up unbalanced but awesome, Sarcastic Whimsy caters to my short attention span.  DIY, home renovations, parenting, travel, rambling rants, and slight confusion.