Senior Resume and Application Writer by day, content creator and blogger… also by day.  But different days.  Sometimes.  Capable of a professional persona at work, there is only so long a person can pretend to be a functioning adult, which is where Sarcastic Whimsy fills the void and allows the mask to slip.

As an application writer, I assist people at all levels to land their dream jobs, delivering professional advice and support with personality. Working with newly graduated nurses and teachers through to EL2 level Government leadership across all Departments, including Defence, Justice, and the ATO, what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg.  Throughout my freelance writing career, my clients have been successful in gaining interviews for positions and industries such as:

> Security Advisor, Attorney Generals Dept
> Service Manager, Child Protection
> Manager, Transitional Gaol
> Nursing at all levels> Mental Health Nurse, PECC> Teaching, all states and levels
> Program Management, Infrastructure> Director, ATO> A range of hospitality roles
> Trainee Body Piercer> Air Crew Officer, Emergency Services> ABF/AFP/State Law Enforcement

After Covid decimated the Entertainment and Hospitality industries, I decided there had to be a way to use my skills to support the people most affected without them having to pay exorbitant fees for one-on-one application writing and thus (a fancy word used here to mean ‘so’ and to impress you with my lexical brilliance) I completely revised my plans for this site and here we are. Or at least, here I am and hopefully in the not too distant future here you will be.

As a blogger I can admit that I own four cats, one of which sleeps on my pillow.  You can’t admit that in real life without being judged.  Almost empty nester with children who grew up unbalanced but awesome, Sarcastic Whimsy caters to my short attention span and allows me to share the things I get excited about and the things I think I did right in raising my little weirdlings.  And below you will find a link to all the DIY, home renovations, parenting, travel, rambling rants, and slight confusion contained on my blog.

Click below for all the juicy, creative details or a window into my actual professional insight.   (Less salacious than you may be imagining at this point)


Often irreverent, hopefully funny, still grieving the loss of Firefly and more than likely a little bit drunk. All phrases that have historically been used to describe the brains (?) behind Sarcastic Whimsy and sister site Roots and Wings Group.