In an early morning, sleep induced haze the brain childº that would become Wanderlust & Brunch was conceived.  With an upcoming cruise to the Pacific Islands and New Zealand booked and paid for, and many more being planned in my head, I began mulling over ways to make travel a bigger part of my life.

Curious to find out if I could create a job where Eggs Benedict was a tax deduction and I could legitimately write about pole dancing with frogs instead of corporate case studies, I began to plan cunning plans to become location independent and create a lifestyle change that would allow me to do all the things I love for a living – burning myself with my hot glue gun, making fun of my children, revelling in my amazing marriage, eating brunch and shooting my husband in the face with with a water pistol.

Previous iterations of Sarcastic Whimsy were already out therein the form of two much neglected and rarely updated WordPress blogs ‘Sarcastic Whimsy’ and ‘Fantastic Deviance’.  Armed with nothing more than ignorance, a husband who knows how to make computers work and tolerates my special brand of crazy and a lifetime of embarrassing stories I decided to become successful.  Maya Angelou style.





ºWank Word Bingo
For those of you playing along at home, this is one of the three wank words (aka buzz words, industry terms, crap-that-people-say-but-shouldn’t) hidden on my About page.
Rules: Find all three Wank Words and shout bingo.  Where ever you are. Even if you are on a bus.  Especially if you are on a bus.
Prize: You win a cookie!!ºº
ººTo play this game you will need to already have cookies as the author/bingo master is not obliged to send you cookies.ººº

ºººIf you don’t like cookies you can still play along at home.  Just buy yourself a prize you like.  Or play just for fun.  Geeze, not everything is about winning.  Get a grip.