Often irreverent, hopefully funny, still grieving the loss of Firefly and more than likely a little bit drunk.

All phrases that have at one point in history been used to describe Blogger and Social Media Assistant, Jo Sargeant.

With a strong background in both working in Social Services and Social Media, as well as a short attention span, Jo is as social as they come.  And highly distractible.
…oooo butterfly…

The upside of her short attention span means she has many passions and interests.  And they are all brought together at the hub of all that is awesome, rootsandwingsgroup(dot)com.  Encompassing three unique websites and tapping in to the social media frenzies that are Facebook, Youtube and Pinterest, Jo’s wine fuelled and passionate ramblings reach a diverse demographic of people who are possibly equally drunk but with disposable incomes they are waiting to be told what to do with.

To find out more about brand partnerships, sponsored projects and advertising visit her and her slightly eccentric family at Brunch Fuelled Vagabond, ***,*** or email her from the contact form on this site.

If you are desperate for her to get up close and personal with  your product or you just like negative attention, you can send things to ****.  She probably won’t write about it.  Unless it is a robot vacuum cleaner she can play robo-buckaroo with.  Or family tickets to a round the world cruise.  She will totally write about that.