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Why Do I Need An SSL Certificate?


SSL Means Encryption

The main reason SSL certificates are used is to keep your information private. SSL encrypts your information so that only the intended person can read it. And while you want everyone accessing your website to be able to read your content, the journey that information takes is not necessarily a Point A to Point B type trip. This is especially important to businesses as it protects usernames, credit card numbers, passwords, and personal information on its way to the destination server. Without the encryption by  SSL, any computer between you and your customers can access this information. With SSL encryption, the information is unreadable to everyone except the server you are sending to.

SSL Provides Authentication

In short, an SSL certificate provides authentication in the sense that your customers can feel at ease knowing their information is being sent to the right server when contacting you and they are protected against fraud and identity theft. Unfortunately not everyone on the internet is as honest as you and I, and a cheap rapid SSL certificate from R&W ensures that the information being exchanged is with an authenticated business (such as yourself), not a fraudulent website posing as you to steal information.

SSL Builds Trust

If you look up in the address bar of your browsere, you will see an icon that looks like a lock or a green bar. This lets you know that your connection is secure when accessing The same visual assurance will be given to customers visiting your website after installing your SSL Certificate. The more secure people feel, the more likely they are to enter their information to make contact or a purchase. You will also receive a trust seal to display upon purchase of your cheap rapid SSL certificate to build further trust and confidence in your services.

How Do I Install an SSL Certificate on my WordPress Site?

Great question. And one that we all ask when venturing into the overwhelming world of doing business online. WP Beginner has a brilliant article on how to to install your SSL certificate on a WordPress site here.


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